Hex Robusto

Hex Robusto

Size: 5 inches x 52 ring gauge (Robusto)

Most of the time, I initially learn of a new cigar online, in the journals or in the catalogs – well ahead of actually finding it at my local tobacconist. This was not the case with the Hex line of cigars. I actually found them in my local liquor store humidor not long after I had first heard of them. I was surprised to say the least. How did something like this new Hex wind up next to the Punch and Partagas? As it turns out, the makers of Hex are a group of veteran industry folk and retail insiders with chops. Distribution is not a problem for them. Neither, apparently, is their ability to make a good cigar.

The Hex Robusto is a chubby, rich-brown, veiny, standard-sized robusto with a tightly coiled pigtail cap. It’s Nicaraguan on the inside, and is covered with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

My sample squeezed well, and smelled like fresh chewing tobacco before encountering the flame.  A modest clip produced an okay draw as well as a decent amount of smoke. The 43-minute burn proceeded evenly, and the sturdy ash was dark gray with straight, clearly defined segments. I scored it 4 out of 5 on how it was put together. 

This cigar was medium-bodied, and began with sweetness, fruit and vanilla notes. At the sweet spot (about two inches in), wood, nuts and spice become noticeable. I honestly didn’t have any clue what to expect from this one. The brand name, and the company that produces it (Sindicato), are new.  

Let's just say that I really enjoyed the Hex Robusto. I'd smoke it again in a heartbeat.  Call it 5 for the flavor profile, add that to the 4 for construction, and give the cigar a total score of 9 out of 10. The Hex Robusto goes for about $7.