A Cigar’s Tale Review II

A Cigars Tale Review II 1Cigar name: The First 20 Years               

Cigar brand:  Eiroa                          

Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras

Vitola reviewed: Robusto

Strength: Medium-full

Price: $12.19


Looking over this box-pressed robusto cigar, I take notice of the chocolate-colored wrapper with small veins, course texture and almost non-existent seams. It is on the softer side of firm and feels light, fitting well in my hand as I hold it like a pool cue. This is a visually desirable cigar.

Cold aroma:

The smell on the wrapper of sweet citrus has a calming effect that gets me curious about what is ahead. As I move to the foot, I am pleased to find scents of sweet hay, some slight barnyard, cinnamon and that lingering citrus.

Cold draw:

After cutting the smooth cap, I take a pre-light draw and am glad to feel an effortless draw strength that is just where I like it. The citrus is still there, and I taste a little spice added in. I’m intrigued about what lies ahead.

1st third:

Spice! Immediately, I am hit with a very delicious spice that is mixed in with that aforementioned citrus. The citrus is what I am going to call a grapefruit citrus. The spice and citrus come together well, and give a delightful effect. As the draw is perfect and there is a refreshing quality, I get a meaty sense from my draws. The burn is just shy of even, and the ash has a beautiful gray color. With all this going on, I also begin to get hints of cocoa.

A Cigars Tale Review II 2

2nd third:

Moving into the transition to the second third, I am detecting an espresso flavoring that is accompanied by coffee bean. There’s still the citrus base (that has calmed down), and the cocoa continues to linger. Good complexities are emerging in this cigar. The enjoyment keeps on coming.

Last third:

As I begin the last third of The First 20 Years, a cinnamon note pops up. The cocoa and citrus have stepped up their game, and are more prominent. Moving on through the last third, I am getting a very clean, refreshing feeling. It’s a fantastic way to finish out this very well blended and constructed cigar.

A Cigars Tale Review II 3


There are so many good things happening with this cigar. The aroma is fantastic! There is a very good smoke output on it. The cigar is extremely well balanced, with all of the complexities, construction and aftertaste taken into account. I find no imperfections in it. And I have no major complaints, save one – that the cigar has burned just a touch fast for me. But that is probably just because of how much I’ve enjoyed the smoking experience and lost track of time.

I am stingy when it comes to recommending a box purchase. With that being said, I highly recommend buying a box of the Eiroa – The First 20 Years, and congratulate CLE and Eiroa on a fantastic cigar. Great job by Christian and everyone that made this cigar possible.


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