In Memoriam: Kerry Doetzel (drillrk1)

KERRY DOETZEL  aka: drillrk1
Jan 20, 1959 (St. Louis, MO)
Oct 19, 2014 (Springfield, IL)
One of the great guys in the cigar brotherhood passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Kerry Doetzel (drillrk1) was a friend of mine for over a decade.
We first met in Springfield at the 2001 Land of Lincoln Herf (LOLH), of which he was one of the organizers. We hit it off immediately and became close friends over the years. I stayed at his home at a number of those herfs, many times remaining up late into the night while smoking fine cigars and drinking Lagavulin single malt. We did the same at the SoCal herfs for several years. Fine times those were.
Kerry was a big man with an even bigger heart. Many of you reading this were recipients of his overwhelming generosity. I still have three of the Club Epicure 2000s he gifted me. One I smoked upon the births of my twin grandchildren this past June. I’ll smoke one of the remaining in memory of Kerry.
His Friday pre-herf party, bonfire and fish fry at his home prior to the Springfield herfs were legendary. Not just for the food but for the funny antics, contests and good-natured b-busting. In all the years, rain or shine, cold or warm, I never heard a word of disappointment from those in attendance. Those were fun times, befitting a fun man to be around.
Lynn would like to have a celebration of Kerry's life sometime next spring. When we hear of definite plans, we'll post them in in the CW News.
I’m a better person for having met and known Kerry. I will miss him greatly. Honor him with a cigar at your first opportunity. And laugh about something while you’re enjoying it. That’s what Kerry would do.
Phil Steffen (flipflop)