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A Rich Pour 25: Tumblers & Tasting Glasses

So many whiskies… So many types of glasses… Is there a secret to matching one with the other to best effect? Join Cigar Weekly Managing Editor Doug Kuebler (jazznut) as he investigates how a glass can influence appreciation of the whisky poured into it.

ARP 25 - Intro

Monday September 29, 2014

When I was a youngster, many of the adults I knew drank hard liquor simply because that was the sociable thing to do. Those who were into whisky (or whiskey – I’ll stick to the term ‘whisky’ for the sake of simplicity) tended to pour generously, adding ice, soda water or whatever else struck their fancy – probably to mellow out that ‘hard’ aspect. ‘Neat’ was a concept still in its infancy, and cut-crystal highball and rocks glasses were de rigueur.

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A Rich Pour 23: The Power of Peat

ARP 23.1

What on earth does this clump
of soil have to do with whisky?

What lies behind the smoky quality of certain whiskies? Join Cigar Weekly Managing Editor Doug Kuebler (jazznut) as he reveals the essential role peat plays in contributing such distinctive aromas and flavours to these spirits.

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A Rich Pour 22: Golden Oldies

ARP 22.1
Why is it that many aficionados of Scotch whisky seem so drawn to older spirits? The prestige factor? The allure of the rare? Or could it actually be the taste of the liquor lying inside those expensive bottles? Join Cigar Weekly Managing Editor Doug Kuebler (jazznut) as he looks behind the cachet and cost of these venerable spirits.

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A Rich Pour 40: Grenache in the Black

January 30th, 2017A Rich Pour 40 1

This edition of A Rich Pour focuses on a dry red wine with a rather long title – Domaine Lafage Cuvée Nicolas Grenache Noir Vieilles Vignes, Côtes Catalanes 2014. Fortunately for the consumer, the wine is as substantial a mouthful as its name.

The Cuvée Nicolas is pure Grenache Noir, and comes from the Aspres region of southeastern France, located approximately halfway between Grenoble and Marseille. The vineyards lie in poor soil at some four hundred meters of altitude, and are surrounded by scrubland.

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A Rich Pour 36: Ready, Set, Red Rioja!

A Rich Pour 36 1October 24th, 2016

This edition of A Rich Pour marks something of a departure from the usual format, as I’m profiling just a single wine rather than a selection of spirits, wines or a region.

After decades of purchasing, cellaring and writing about wines, I’m not one to be seduced by attractive labels. This particular instance proved an exception. For one, the front label had an elegant simplicity about it that seemed to whisper, “Quality.” Secondly, the Rioja certification sticker on the back of the bottle stipulated the lowest regional Denominación de Origen Calificada classification – no Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva to be seen here – and this despite some words from the winery to the effect that this red was a traditional blend, which had spent a year and a half in the cellar prior to release. Last but not least, I’d never before come across any products from this winery. Given the approximately CDN$20 cost of the bottle, I was intrigued, and took the plunge.

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