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A ‘Nickle Review’ on the Camacho Pre-Embargo

image1December 19th, 2016

Basic cigar parameters

Shape / size: Toro / 6 inches by 48 ring gauge
Strength: Medium to full
Wrapper: Vintage 1999 Jamastran Corojo
Origin: Honduras

Having been born shortly after establishment of the U.S. embargo on Cuba, I thought it would be cool to try these smokes. Allowing for the possibility that there might be very little of the famed (and venerable) Cuban filler in these smokes, I placed my order.

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Lucious Lyon Robusto

Lucious Lyon Robusto 1December 15th, 2016

Size of cigar: 5½ inches by 50 ring gauge

There have certainly been cigars inspired by television shows or memorable characters before – to name a few, Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos and even Duck Dynasty. Now along comes the Lucious Lyon brand from Meier and Dutch of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

In case you’re not familiar with the namesake character, Lucious Lyon is a renowned music mogul and charismatic anti-hero (portrayed by Terence Howard), and the protagonist of the hit show Empire. His story is not entirely dissimilar to that of the real life mogul, Jay Z.

At any rate, it is the essence of Lyon’s life of luxury that this cigar hopes to capture. There are three vitolas in the line – a Robusto, a Torpedo and a Toro. The cigar I’m reviewing is the Robusto, which is the smallest of the three.

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Santa Muerte Robusto

Santa Muerte Robusto 1November 21st, 2016

Producer: Black Label Trading Company
Made at: Fabrica Oveja Negra facility in Esteli, Nicaragua
Wrapper & Binder: Ecuadorian Habano
Filler leaves: Nicaraguan, Dominican & San Andrés

The beautifully smooth dark brown wrapper smells like leather and cocoa, while the foot smells the same with some pepper thrown in. The cold draw is perfect, as is the bunch. I give this cigar top marks for construction.

There is plentiful smoke on the initial draw, which reveals lots of flavor including pepper, leather and just a hint of cocoa. The draw remains perfect, and the burn is true.

These cigars were debuted at my local shop a few weeks ago. I got this one a day before lighting it up, and now am fully regretting not having made the launch event.

A flavor of almonds now develops to overtake the initial cocoa as the pepper notes back off some. The promise of complexity is quite pleasing. The burn remains even approaching the end of the first third.

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Marrero Tesoro Mio Dos Capas

20161002 155900 resizedDecember 12th, 2016

I've had occasion to meet with Joel Marrero of Marrero Cigars on several occasions. (Atlanta is a great market for cigars.) Tommy Bender, one of our editors and long time members, met him and discussed his brand back at the 2015 edition of the IPCPR. Both Tommy and I consider Joel a friend of Cigar Weekly.

Last fall, when Joel was in town, we had the opportunity to have lunch together and talk cigars. What a discussion it was! Joel's passion for this business is vibrant, and this passion is exemplified by the quality of his cigars.

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Aging Room Oliveros Gran Retorno 2 Habano

Aging Room Oliveros Gran Retorno 2 Habano 1November 17th, 2016

From the Aging Room website:

“The Oliveros Gran Retorno Habano ... features a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan blend filler of Jalapa, Condega & Pueblo Nuevo with a Nicaraguan Habano binder from Estelí.”

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Serino Royale Medio Robusto Gordo

Serino Royale Medio Robusto Gordo 1December 1st, 2016

This is my second Cigar Weekly review of a cigar from a brand I call ‘perfection in every way possible’. The Serino Royale lineup encompasses four distinct blends – Connecticut, Medio, Maduro and Maduro XX. (I’ve previously reviewed the Sublime Maduro XX.) From personal experience with vitolas from the various blends, I can say without hesitation that all exhibit an uncommon degree of excellence, and that you can expect the same.

The Serino Royale Medio, which I’m profiling here, is offered in four sizes – a Belicoso measuring 5.5 inches by 60 ring gauge, a 5.75 by 54 Petite Sublime, a 5.5 by 60 Robusto Gordo (the one I’ve chosen for this review) and a 6 by 52 Toro. This particular line features Ecuadorian Habano Clara wrappers, and Nicaraguan filler leaves from Esteli and Jalapa.

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Mike Bellody Imperia

Mike Bellody Imperia 1November 9th, 2016

Wrapper: High Priming Dominican Havana Vuelta Arriba
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan

The Imperia boasts a smooth dark wrapper with aromas of leather and... peppermint? As confirmed by my wife, the wrapper does indeed smell of peppermint.

The cigar clips perfectly, and I cannot wait to fire this sucker up. I’m pairing it with my usual chocolate stout.

An ideal pre-light draw leads to a perfect lit draw. There is a sweetness to the smoke that draws to mind the flavor of – you guessed it – peppermint. However, there are lots of other flavors going on here as well, so this is no one-trick-pony cigar.

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La Galera Maduro Chaveta

La Galera Maduro Chaveta 1November 28th, 2016

Wrapper: San Andrés
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Country of origin: Dominican Republic
Size of cigar: 5 inches by 50 ring gauge (Robusto)

Coffee and leather aromas are released from the very smooth wrapper and from the foot. The cigar boasts a firm bunch, and a clean clip leads to a smooth cold draw.

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Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Magicos

Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Magicos 1November 7th, 2016

Size of cigar: 4½ inches by 52 ring gauge

Knowledgeable cigar enthusiasts know the story of The Crowned Heads. Jon Huber and a few of his fellow employees split from CAO in 2010, and formed their own Nashville-based cigar company. Since then, the fledgling boutique cigar company has enjoyed incredible success.

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The Gent Gordo: A Spicy Twist on Maduro

The Gent Gordo 1November 24th, 2016

Manufacturer: Paula Cigars
Size of cigar: 6 inches by 60 ring gauge

I've been enjoying this new blend from Paula Cigars since its pre-release about eight weeks ago. This boutique brand is extremely consistent in quality of construction and flavor. The company employs two rollers in the Dominican Republic, while the owner Paula and her husband roll stateside in New York City.

The silky smooth Habano Maduro wrapper signals the smoker that a top-notch experience lies ahead. This impression of quality continues with a binder comprised of Dominican and Ecuadorian premium leaves, which contribute to a solid feel in the hand.

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La Gran Llave Double Corona

La Gran Llave Double Corona 1November 3rd, 2016

This cigar represents another new release from the A.J. Fernandez Company.

Right off the bat, I sense cocoa notes from the wrapper. There’s a perfect cold draw along with some spices from the foot. The smooth box press speaks to the impressive construction.

At first, the flavors are deceptive, being very light on the way in and plentiful on the way out. Light cocoa notes mix with almost pipe tobacco flavors. Very light pepper notes are present in the nose.

The box press makes it very easy to hold and smoke this cigar. Something I failed to notice before is that the band denotes Reserva No. E560FE, so this may be a limited release.

The ash is a mottled grey, notably solid and with no flaking. The draw is very smooth and yields wonderful tobacco notes with very pleasant coffee and cocoa flavors. The burn is a bit slanted, but nothing crucial at this point.

I tap the ash at two inches, as it’s starting to curve. The end of the ash displays a nice conical burn, indicating the ligero is mostly in the center – another sign of excellent construction.

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