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Espinosa HUA33

Espinosa HUA33 1August 13th, 2018

Quite honestly, I didn’t know anything about this cigar before going into it. I knew that I liked most sticks from Erik Espinosa and his crew, but I didn’t have much to go on before smoking this sample. The fact it was labeled with a blending band made it feel like I was getting a glimpse into the future. While I don’t know if this cigar ever came to be commercially or not, it was handed out at the 2017 IPCPR event. (Yes, I know... quite late! Sorry guys!)


The HUA33 is a 5 inch by 54 ring gauge Robusto with a light brown wrapper and a triple cap. The wrapper contained a few veins, but they were harmless and did not impact the smoking experience. The HUA33 passed the pinch test with flying colors, and a few dry pulls proved that it was filled perfectly. Pre-light draws gave off sensations of hay mixed with barnyard and a slight tingle of spice.

Espinosa HUA33 2

First third

Once lit, the cigar gave off tons of smoke – a quality I personally enjoy. Throughout the first third, it displayed flavors of earth, black coffee and spice. I also noted that there was a heaviness to the smoke in terms of overall mouth-feel.

Second third

As I transitioned towards the middle of the cigar, I noticed that the flavor of black coffee mellowed out a bit; however, it was still present along with the earthiness. During the second part of the cigar, I noted a pleasant smoothness. The spice, however, had disappeared.

Espinosa HUA33 3

Final third & construction

That earthiness continued throughout the final inches of the cigar. I loved that the Espinosa was a very smooth cigar, which required no purging at all. The HUA33’s overall construction was very solid. (There was a slight crack in the wrapper, but I believe this to be due to storage and not manufacturing). The light grey and white ash held on until about the 1.5 inch mark before falling to the ground!


Pre-light – 9
Light – 9
Draw – 9.5
Flavor – 8
Construction – 9
Power – 6 (not included in rating)
Rating – 8.9 – box worthy

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