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Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda

Leyenda 1 resized
Montecristo Linea 1935 Leyenda 
Purchase date: 2019 
Country of Origin: Cuba 
Wrapper Color: Natural Carmelite  
Wrapper type:  Cuba 
Filler: Cuba 
Binder:  Cuba                                                                 
Vitola: Double Robusto (6.5x55) 
Manufacturer: Montecristo  
Distributor: Habanos S.A. 
Factory: H. Upmann Havana, Cuba 
Humidimeter: 65% 
Current Production: Yes 
Price: $77.50 (current) 
Temperature:  40 degrees  
Humidity: 35% 
Wind: N/A 
My regular spot in the little, outdoor smoke shack. 
Paired with:
Iced coffee 
Leyenda 2 resized
Appearance and Construction: 
A medium textured, slightly veiny, slightly visible seams wrapper with a medium textured, short, even cap. Overall a somewhat unattractive appearance.  
A firm, lumpy bunch,and slightly tight cold draw with no discernible taste. 
An even burn, short, conical coal, and a strong, dark grey ash. 
Draw/Smoke comments:
A slightly tight draw, ample smoke volume, smooth, cool smoke, and a faint, brief aroma with scents of wood and a light floral hint.
Flavor/Taste Comments: 
Of ample richness, body and flavor, consisting of perfectly balanced tastes of predominantly earth and woods, with very, light hints of grassiness and flowers, and of a mild strength. 
Finish/Aftertaste Comments: 
A modest, brief finish consisting of earthy, grassy, and woody flavors. 
Summary Comments: 
An overall excellent character smoke. The tastes were very nice and perfectly balanced with each other.  
As you see from the section scores, it did well in every category except Construction/Appearance where it lost the most points but getting a perfect score or close to it in every other section.  
Personally, an attractive looking cigar is great, but appearance really matters little to me personally.  As long as it burns and tastes good, I'm happy. That said, an appearance category is necessary, so in spite of me saying it had excellent character, the overall score of 90 out of 100 puts it in the middle of the “very good” spot on the scale I use. 
Personally, if I were asked to score it off the top of my head, without using this outline, I would say about a 95. 
Not uncommon for my personal feelings to disagree with the outline of characteristics, section, and overall scores, but I try and keep personal feelings out of my reviews as much as possible and stick to the facts of the characteristics outline and the scores they produce. 
Category Scores: 
Appearance/Construction___11____ 15   
Smoke volume ____9__10   
Smoke character ___5__5 
TOTAL____90___ 100 
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