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Leaf by James

leaf1January 7th, 2019

This collaboration between Island Jim and James Brown of BLTC is a dark rustic looking cigar with distinctive tobacco notes from the foot. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Goose Island Bourbon County 2018 Edition.

The initial flavors are earthy and somewhat sharp with a bittersweet finish on the palate. The retro-hale is lightly peppery with a touch of sourness. The burn is mostly even. The ale is quite strong and matches up well with the strength of the cigar.

When I spoke to Island Jim at the IPCPR, he said he had this cigar rolled because he really liked what James Brown was doing with Broadleaf. The results are excellent.

The first third is very smooth but strong, with a complexity of flavors including earthy tones, coffee and an almost indescribable sweet/sour quality that is very pleasing. The retro-hale is very smooth, with some pepper notes that are not overpowering. The burn remains very even.

I received a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas that, along with the Spotify discovery mode, truly enhances the experience of both the cigar and the ale.

During the second third, the flavor profile smooths out a bit, with the coffee flavors taking on the characteristics of a cappuccino without losing any strength. This is a full-bodied smoke. The caramel notes of the ale are probably responsible. The burn remains very even.

leaf4Approaching the final inch, a bit of molasses (probably also from the ale) has joined the flavor profile. This is an excellent pairing and provides for a very pleasant overall experience. The retro-hale remains smooth, with a bit of pepper, while the flavor profile remains excellent. The burn stays very even. The construction of the cigar is also excellent. The overall experience is sublime, and I score it a 9.75/10. Joe Bob says, "Check it out."

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