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PCA 2022: Patina Cigars

There are a few people in the cigar industry who crossover into different areas. Mo Maali is one of those. In addition to being the owner of Patina Cigars, he's also on a podcast called Sultans of Smoke. Mo is one of the people who are in my ear on a fairly regular basis, so I may know him better than he knows me. There are a few people like this in the industry, I'm doing my best to interview them all. Mo displays his Patina brand in the Sutliff Tobacco booth, along with several other brands. As Mo explains in the video, the distribution arrangement with Sutliff relieves a lot of pain points for a small brand. Enjoy the video!

Patina cigars are really quite good. I'm looking forward to trying the new one, and I've enjoyed the core line quite a bit. I'd have smokied it by now if it wasn't for this Covid nonsense. I seem to like a lot of cigars made in the NACSA factory.

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