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PCA 2022: J.C. Newman Cigar Co. with Eric Newman

Can’t say we’ve had the best week here at Casa Vanderslice. I, naturally, quickly passed the Covid on to my wife, so we are both feeling crappy. I tried a couple cigars, but I think my sense of smell is all but gone, which effects cigar flavor significantly. I expect I’m going to take a break for a while longer. I need to get back to work and get caught up there, as stuff stacked up (literally) last week while i was “on vacation”. Not the way I wanted to use that Paid Time Off. Let’s continue with the video interviews I did at the PCA show. I want to thank Ed O’Neil for helping out with the camera work. He had been at the show with Kevin (CigarProp), and needed something to do on Sunday and generously offered to help me out. My set-up isn’t as fancy as Kevin’s, but we got the job done. I had a nice talk with Eric Newman of J.C. Newman, makers of some of my favorite cigars. In the video he talks about the new El Baton cigars, the Diamond Crown Black Diamond, and the Cuesta Rey made in the Tampa Factory. Of course, their booth featured a cardboard replica of the El Reloj factory in Tampa, which was quite impressive.

Thanks to Eric for taking the time and to Sydney for her hospitality! I was able to finally meet Adria, who has been my contact there for several years, in her last official event with the company. Maybe we’ll see her around Philly sometime! That’s all for today. until the next time,

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