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A Couple of Outstanding Cigar Holders

A Couple of Outstanding Cigar Holders 1March 30th, 2017

Today’s cigar gear review profiles two holders – the Ninety Degree and the Stage V Clinger. Both of these are held in place by magnets. The Ninety Degree magnetic cigar holder comes as a – surprise! – 90 degree piece of PVC, while the Stage V Clinger cigar holder clip features graduated ring gauge slots.

For my ‘test cigar’, I chose a CLE Schizo Robusto, a vitola I’d reviewed in the past and knew I would enjoy regardless of the cigar holders.

In the past, I have used cigar clips while fishing. Unfortunately, these did significant damage to the cigar wrappers. The Ninety Degree and Stage V Clinger, in contrast, promised to do minimal damage.

A Couple of Outstanding Cigar Holders 2

After my initial draws on the CLE, I placed it in the Ninety Degree, which holds the cigar vertically. The smooth inside of this holder does absolutely no damage to the cigar, although the possibility of the cigar going out might be a concern. Nevertheless, if you really are worried about your cigar going out, you can simply draw more often. This wasn't an issue for me at all.

A Couple of Outstanding Cigar Holders 3

The Stage V Clinger clip incorporates three graduations, allowing for three different ring sizes to be accommodated. To avoid any wrapper damage, you can simply place the band ring in the clip. This will avoid any harm to the outer leaf.

Both of these models will capably hold your cigar, and cause little or no damage to it. I can certainly recommend them to golfers, fishermen, hunters or anyone else who enjoys a cigar while pursuing his or her favorite outdoor sports. Both holders are fairly affordable. Joe Bob says, “Check them out.”

Jeff Slatton (jefslat), who resides in the San Antonio TX area, is a longtime member of and contributor to Cigar Weekly.

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