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Cigar Weekly Review of Ramon Bueso Genesis (Robusto)

r. bueso genesis

Several cigar dealers are making a grand fuss about Ramon Bueso and his history with the Villazon factory. They claim that Bueso was, as a close confidant and partner of both Estello Padron and Frank Llaneza, instrumental in the manufacture of some of the free world’s oldest, most influential cigars - and arguably some of the finest. In this day of new, wonderful cigar brands and line extensions being created on a weekly basis (as well as, admittedly, a slew of losers), thousands of consumers still choose to purchase Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, El Rey del Mundo and other well established marques.

I bought the Ramon Bueso Genesis on a gamble, having little idea what to expect other than a decent amount of Connecticut broadleaf character melded with Honduran flavors. I wasn’t disappointed, and got exactly what I was expecting. That said, and despite its pedigree, this cigar does not, in my view, represent serious competition for a Punch or any of the other Villazon products.

The cigar is undeniably attractive and well made. It sports a nice oily maduro outer wrapper, and incorporates a blend composed of a broadleaf outer leaf, a Jamastran (a particular type of tobacco grown at the Ranchos Jamastran in Honduras) binder, and Nicaraguan and Honduran filler leaves.

The five of these cigars I've smoked have exhibited consistent inconsistency, but not any worse than in many other lines. In each case, I found the draw to be fine. The cigars burned straight, though occasional tunneling and requisite touch-up had to be addressed. As previously mentioned, this one is not a Punch. It lacks the power and the earthy, leathery tones that I am used to getting from the General Cigar Honduran lines.

What I found, when testing these, was a consistent flavor of coffee along with a little cocoa and milder undertones of aged broadleaf. I consider this to be a medium to full-bodied cigar at best - not what I'd call a powerhouse. The flavors and aromas remind me of a nice, slightly sweetened and creamed coffee with mild tones of milk chocolate. I have to note that all of the cigars were very consistent in this regard. A few of the vitolas I smoked seemed less pronounced as regards these particular tastes. But the flavor was consistent in every other regard (except for the aforementioned degree of flavor intensity).

The first half inch of each cigar presented a strong, almost peppery smoke, but the cigar mellowed out shortly afterward into the milder character and flavors I've described previously. The cigar maintained this style through three inches, at which point I generally put it down. I don’t recall having to purge any of the cigars because of harsh buildup.

I’ll buy one of these again someday. I would recommend it for most smokers of premium cigars who prefer a mild to medium-bodied smoke.

How about some numbers? I'll give the Genesis the following scores:
Construction: 85-90
Appearance: 85-90
Taste and aroma: 85
Overall: 85, give or take.

Value? A good deal at $3+, and you can acquire them in this price range.

Pairing? Match it with a lighter beverage. I suggest coffee or a light lager.

Thanks for reading.