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Review: The Angel's Anvil (2014) by Crowned Heads

If there is one thing my friends know about me, it's this: I have an affinity for Crowned Heads cigars.
AngelsAnvil-stock-picFrom the first time I smoked the Headley Grange, I was hooked. I couldn't get my hands on their smokes fast enough.
Crowned Heads has everything I look for in a stogie - construction and complexity as well as consistency. It's safe to say they have delivered on all three fronts - whether we're referring to the Headley Grange with its unique notes of graham-cracker, or the meatier 'Las Calaveras' that has an excellent balance of cocoa and pepper. 
The following review will be for one of their newer releases, the Angel's Anvil. Today is the second time I have visited this particular smoke. I think it's vital to smoke at least two of any cigar before reviewing. This is to ensure you're able to fully appreciate the flavors and nuances you may have missed the first time around. So, here we go...
The cigar sported a rustic-looking Ecuadorian Havana wrapper. The appearence reminded me a bit of a Crowned Heads' 'Tennessee Waltz'. The cap cut beautifully, and the cigar had a nice firm pre-draw. I took in the cedar smell coming off of the wrapper, and I began to toast the foot. 
Due to the smaller gauge on this stick, lighting up proved effortless. Just a few puffs, and the foot was completely lit and the cigar ready to be enjoyed. I know some people may not have patience for using matches or cedar spills, but I would highly recommend doing so with this stick. It's too easy to burn the wrapper with a butane lighter!
During the first third, it became apparent that this smoke had a definitive presence of cedar (just as the wrapper would have suggested). The draw was snug, but didn't present any problems whatsoever. As I worked my way through, the grey ash burned near-perfectly.
I seemed to remember detecting more of a creamy-like cedar tone the first time I tried this stick. Nevertheless, this discrepency did not compromise the delightful taste in the least! I think we have all had a cigar that consisted of too much cedar, leaving us with more of a 'woodsy' taste in our mouth. Not this one! It was as smooth as smooth could be.
The stick gave off some good smoke, and it transitioned seamlessly into more of the creaminess that I recalled earlier. It also gave off some notes of light pepper on the after-taste. The ash still held strong at around 2" or so. 
I now approached the middle, or meat, of the cigar. This is where a lot of the magic happened! That light pepper on the after-taste subsided, and made way for a warm cinnamon spice. Again, the transitions were seamless! The combination of the creaminess and warm spice made for a perfect seasonal smoke. 
The stick had strong continuity from the middle portion on, and was enjoyable from the very first to the very last puff.
This is a cigar that can be enjoyed by neophytes and experienced aficionados alike. Beverage-wise, I would recommend a hot chocolate, coffee or a versatile Bourbon with this smoke.
Pre-Light: 10
Draw: 9
Construction: 9
Flavor: 8
Power: 5 (it is mild to medium in body while being more full in terms of flavors)
Overall: 8.5
Steven is a people-person who enjoys visiting lounges across the country, and getting to know the people that make the cigar industry what it is today. From his visits to former speak-easy's under the North End streets of Boston to the smoke-shops in the suburbs of Atlanta, there is a cultural history, and he wants to be there to hear it. Steven is also a regular on 'Cigar Life Radio', voicing his stogie reviews as well as his take on the latest in the industry. He also enjoys Scotch, Bourbon, wine and craft brews.