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A Cigar's Tale Review X

A Cigars Tale Review X 1Cigar name: Maximus
Cigar brand: Diamond Crown
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Vitola reviewed: Toro (#4)
Size: 6 inches by 50 ring gauge
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium
Price: $14.00


When I look over the Maximus from Diamond Crown, I note the milk chocolate color. There is a pronate vein down the spine, and the seams are tight. The cigar is firm, with no soft spots. I feel a slight toothiness as I slide my fingers along the wrapper, and also note a marginally oily sheen. I do not see any blemishes or construction issues at this point.

A Cigars Tale Review X 2

A Cigars Tale Review X 3Cold aroma

As I take in the aroma from the wrapper, I pick up earth, leather and a slight fragrance of cocoa. The foot gives off a bit more. There are notes of barnyard, earth, cocoa and cream, as well as a slight floral hint. The scents from the foot are more potent, and have my expectations amped up a bit.

Cold draw

After I cut the cap off, I take a draw before lighting. I immediately notice the effortlessness of the draw. The flavors I can detect start off with saltiness from the wrapper, and earth and cocoa from the draw.

1st third

The cigar is toasted, lit, and I am ready to start my journey. I take a few draws, and get down about a fourth to start my assessment of flavors. I begin to pick up black pepper, clay, earth, tobacco, game, a very light maple and some crushed red pepper on the retro hale. I get a good bit of heat on the back of my throat from the first third, and attribute that characteristic to the black pepper.

2nd third

Moving into the second third, I start to get a creamy texture and flavor. There are also notes A Cigars Tale Review X 4of toast, crushed red pepper, cinnamon, earth, cocoa powder and a hint of dried fruit. The second third seems a bit smoother that the first, and the cigar is now smoking nicely. The ash is a salt and pepper color. It appears flakey, and cones when the ash falls.

Last third

Getting into the final third, I pick up espresso and bread. These tastes are accompanied by a slight zest and black and white pepper on the retro hale. The finish of the cigar provides some chocolate and cocoa notes. There is a nice smoothness here at the end.


There was plenty of smoke throughout the cigar. The flavors were nice and complex, and the burn and construction were right on the money. I found myself really enjoying this cigar the further on in I smoked.

I haven’t had many Diamond Crown cigars, but will be looking to try more. I would certainly keep a few of these around, as I enjoyed the experience. Thanks to my friend Robert (@RCiaschini) for providing me the sample to review.

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