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Tell Congress to Save Premium Cigars

ipcprlogo- Time is Running Out - Tell Congress to Save Premium Cigars-

FDA regulations continue to threaten the future of premium cigars - putting small business retailers at risk.  The best way to make a difference is to take a moment today to contact your elected officials urging them to exempt premium cigars from the one-size-fits none FDA regulations. 

Over 1,000 retailers and enthusiasts have already reached out to Congress urging them to save premium cigars, but we are not done yet!   Help us reach our goal and make your voice heard on behalf of the premium cigar industry!

After you send a letter to Congress, post this link on social media and email it out to fellow cigar enthusiasts, store owners, and employees. We need everyone to do their part to save our industry.

John Anderson
IPCPR Vice President Board of Directors and Federal Chair
Owner W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist and Civil Cigar Lounge