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(June 17, 2019) Some of the biggest names and brands in the cigar industry are excited for the launch of A.C.E Prime at IPCPR 2019.

"New and innovative cigars and companies are a very important to the vibrancy of the premium cigar
industry," said Drew Newman, General counsel of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. “As the oldest, family- owned cigar company in America, we welcome one of the newest, A.C.E. Prime. We have no doubt
that their outstanding premium cigars will live up to their name.”

“I have been following the journey of my friend Luciano Meirelles for over seven years as well as the
development of the Pichardo factory," Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Cigar Hall of Fame member and creator of the best cigar of 2018 by Cigar Aficionado. “We celebrate the arrival of this innovative company called A.C.E. Prime and the great cigars they’ve been creating and wish them great success!”

“Crowned Heads has been working with Luciano and the factory Tabacalera Pichardo in Esteli,
Nicaragua since 2016," said Jon Huber, Crowned Heads co-founder and partner. "We proudly
produced a new cigar called Juarez (an exclusive line for Thompson Cigars) through Tabacalera -- they are truly master blenders. As they launch into distribution, we welcome A.C.E. Prime with open arms."

With their eye for excellence, A.C.E. Prime will be a great addition to our industry." IPCPR 2019 is shaping up to be a powerhouse launch for A.C.E. Prime, with Hall-of-Fame guests, high-profile celebrities and the release of multiple luxury cigar brands, including: M.X.S. (featuring a Special Signature Series with NBA superstars: Dominique Wilkins and Tiago Splitter), Luciano (The
Traveler), Pichardo Cigars and "A Cuban Experience Cigars."

“As you smoke our world-class cigars, you are taken on a journey which starts with passion and
delivers with heart," said Luciano Meirelles, Co-Founder of A.C.E. Prime.

A.C.E. Prime invites you to discover the flavor of passion.

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