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macp1Macanudo is expanding its popular Inspirado collection with Palladium, a limited-edition release that harnesses an old-world aging method to deliver a deeply complex smoking experience.

Palladium features a five-country blend that harnesses the time-honored technique of tercios to deliver a truly exquisite smoking experience.  The tercio process was used during the golden age of Cuban cigars to age tobacco in optimal conditions, yet is rarely used today due to the considerable time and labor required to build and wrap the bales.

Only an elite group of Macanudo’s artisans are skilled in the tercio process which eschews burlap and instead envelopes the tobacco bales in the bark of the majestic Royal Palm tree. The bark forms a tighter seal, trapping in moisture and retaining the tobacco’s natural taste characteristics.



macp2This unique process also helps to deliver an enhanced smoking experience, a pleasing aroma and consistent burn.

Due to the complexity of the process and considerable time associated with tercio aging, only 3,000 boxes of Inspirado Palladium will be released, beginning on August 1.

The limited release of Palladium will feature three vitolas, each presented in handsome boxes, each evoking the brushed metallic look of palladium. The cigars feature intricate double-banding to signify their unique characteristics.

Lonsdale (6.75 x 43) – SRP per cigar $8.49

Robusto (5.5 x 50) – SRP per cigar $8.99

Churchill (7.5 x 49) – SRP per cigar $9.49