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Celebrate CigarWeekly Relaunch!


Cigar Weekly announces the launch today of a new and improved online magazine devoted to cigars and the cigar lifestyle for regular people at

The redesigned magazine promises to be a premium destination for 'lovers of the leaf', and will include regular features focusing on cigars, pipes and tobacco. But these are just one part of the cigar lifestyle. And so we'll also offer articles on preparing delicious food from all over America and the world, on travel to cigar hotspots around the world, on beverages (particularly fine Scotch whiskies, but not limited to them), as well as the latest in cigar news and 'down-to-earth', unique reviews of individual cigars done by regular guys.

Readers of will have access to current insight and news from the cigar industry, exclusive interviews with the stars of the cigar world, tutorials on preparing the finest recipes to be found, guides to beverages that will insure the reader gets the highest quality beverage for the best price, and in-depth looks at cigar destinations that readers won't want to miss and can't get anywhere else. Our members and readers share diverse interests. And while cigars represent the passion that brings us together, you never know what you'll be able to read next at cigarweekly, or on our forums -

Jason Clabaugh (who also goes by the handle BigO on the forums) says, "We've been working on this magazine from beginning to end for the nine months I have owned the publication. The fact that 90% of the content of the magazine is generated by our membership really demonstrates the devotion our members have to the community. Our forums are an excellent way for readers to interact with the authors and each other to ask any questions or gain additional details not in the articles themselves. We welcome content from anyone that wishes to contribute, be it an inside look at a manufacturing facility or a particular memory from the past that involves what cigars mean to the author. So many of the cigar publications out there seem to focus on cigars as a hobby merely for the wealthy, and cater to that niche of the market. The truth is, a lot of regular guys enjoy the pleasures of a fine cigar as well. is the destination for them."

Our first feature article is a delightful travel piece that highlights how much the island nation of Cuba is modernizing to meet the needs of the people, while at the same time restoring its iconic buildings to their former glory to preserve a truly unique heritage. The photographs alone are worth a look. And, beginning August 4, 2014, new content will be added each Monday. is available at all times on the Internet, tablets and smartphones. Our forums ( are the friendliest on the web, and provide a wealth of accumulated cigar knowledge for the person beginning his or her cigar journey all the way through to the most experienced cigar smoker. Registration is free, and easy to accomplish. If you want to read even more from our authors, the magazine's older content will remain accessible in an archive for your browsing pleasure.

Advertising inquiries are available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are featuring special pricing to celebrate the launch of the magazine.

Jason Clabaugh, the Owner/Publisher of, can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on his cell by request. Our authors will be available for Q&A on individual threads in the Close But No Cigar section of our forums. We welcome editorial contributions from both our membership and from the industry as a whole. Have a story to tell? Tell it to us and we'll bring it to the world.