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PCA Announces All-New “Fuente Friday” Seminar at PCA22

pca22The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) announced today a brand-new seminar will take place on Friday, July 8, 2022, from 1—2:30 PM as part of its education day before the opening of its annual convention and trade show. The seminar will kick off the education seminars and feature Jose Blanco, an industry veteran, and more recently “The Professor” from the Meet the Professor show, in a fun and interactive conversation with Carlito Fuente, Chairman of Arturo Fuente.


Carlito has been diligently working, going through his old stocks of tobacco that he has never used before in his Fuente blends and has created an exclusive cigar made only for this seminar. This limited cigar which guests will receive at the door will be a new blend that has never been on the market, and possibly never will. Even Carlito himself has never smoked this cigar because he wants to interact and experience it with each person attending the seminar for the first time. Due to availability of tobacco, cigar quantities will be limited, so it will be offered on a first come, first served basis. All registrants are invited to attend the seminar, but the special cigars are reserved for those with qualified retail badges.

The attendees will experience 13 different types of tobacco in this blend and be able to discuss live all the stages of the cigar with Carlito. “I expect to be surprised myself. This could be good or very bad, who knows?” Carlito said jokingly.

“I encourage everyone to come, have fun, and talk about this unique blend, especially with “The Professor” Jose Blanco, and “Numb Nuts One” as I call myself on the Meet the Professor Show.”

Please join the team for a fun-filled seminar full of interactive learning together. Like Carlito says, “it’s not about cigars, it’s about people”.

NOTE: like all events at PCA22, there is no special registration for this seminar. To attend, we strongly recommend arriving early and pre-registering for badges prior to arriving in Vegas.

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