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Update November 3, 2016

So, I forgot to update this page before with the last two contests we've run.  Woe is me.  But social media did a great job for us!

Here's a new one - celebrating CigarWeekly reaching 500 likes (in just a few months!) on facebook, and topping 5000 followers on twitter (up from just 1500 about 2 years ago!!


Update April 14:

March 11, 2015

Those of you who follow us on twitter know that we frequently 'tweet' about upcoming contests, both for our twitter followers and for forum members.

And we've done just that... A contest for viewers of the Jose Blanco blending seminar video, a couple of flash contests on twitter, and a few forum 'newbies' who have found themselves graced with cigars.

Cigarweekly is a member run project. Sure, we have an 'owner' (BigO on the forums - he doesn't tweet, but he's our resident chef, and officially the publisher We have a web guy (BigJohn on the forums, and the official tweet-wrangler), a content editor (jazznut) who makes sure we don't come off looking like we stopped school in 4th grade and a reviews editor (MadDawg) who arranges, oversees and collects our blind reviews (the first of 2015 is coming soon!). Various other members contribute content, help put up the press releases and so much more.

We're thankful to our sponsors for donating swag for these contests. But forum members who participate are typically graced with well aged cigars and such from other members!

So, what's this rambling about?

I guess this editorial is here to emphasize to our social media followers the importance we place on the forums. Forums are where our members meet, chat and learn about each other. They ask questions and post answers. And, it's all searchable, back to 1998!

So, you may join and lurk, read all that old stuff, or even participate and engage. I know it's not as easy as twitter or FB, but we're working on that. As I said, Cigar Weekly is a member-driven project, so stuff happens on odd timelines. As an aside, if you're a blog, php, vbulletin or css/webdesign expert, message BigJohn on the forums!

Bottom line, however, is CONTESTS!

So, Tax day is approaching, our US members... so presents "Tax Re-LEAF"!

This contest is open to ALL social media and forums members.  Twitter account NOT required!

You can win a nice desktop humidor and cigars, donated by Cigars International, one of our favorite sponsors!



Contests will happen and, when appropriate, be socialized on twitter and maybe facebook as well. But some other contests will be for forums members only. And, for the ~40 of you who joined Cigar Weekly in January and February, you'd better get ready. Participation counts. If you didn't join before the end of February, you miss this round. Sorry, but on twitter I did warn you all!

For the rest of you on twitter, we've got another one coming!
Beware the Ides of March!

Watch this space for more information!

And here we go! The twitter follower 'Ides of March' contest has begun!!

Congratulations to our winners - new forums member and twitter followers both: @timmc71(Tim) and @wm2slc (Lancero Arsonist!). You can see their Thank You tweets: |


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