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INVERSOSpringfield, VA (June 30, 2018) – Omar de Frias is proud to announce the debut of Navetta Inverso at this year’s IPCPR. Translated “inversed shuttle” in Italian, Navetta Inverso is all about us using the same tobaccos we used under Navetta but literally inversing all the tobaccos. The result of this change was incredible.

“It does not seize to amaze me how one leaf of tobacco can change a blend entirely. In our case we changed it all.” Said de Frias. Navetta Inverso features an habano Nicaraguan wrapper Ecuador binder and Dominican and Nicaragua filler.

“Reality is when you use well fermented and aged tobaccos, the likelihood that the cigar will be great is high” said de Frias.

Navetta Inverso will be featured in 3 vitolas:

Corona Gorda (5 7/8 x 46) 9.50
Robusto (5 ½ x 54) 11.25
Toro Grande (6 ¼ x 54) 12.50

Navetta Inverso is manufactured at Joya de Nicaragua and will be available for shipment in September. Omar de Frias worked at NASA for 12 years prior to leaving to focus full time on Fratello.

Protocol Themis Lancero to Debut at 2018 IPCPR

protocolCubariqueño Cigar Co. announces the release of the Protocol Themis Lancero for the 2018 IPCPR. This is the company’s third lanceo offering. Following the success of their prior lanceros which both took #1 Cigar of the year for 2016 on Cigar Federation and 2017 on Tiny Tim’s Cigar World, the company says they will continue with more lancero releases. The cigars are being produced at Erik Espinosa’s LaZona Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. The Themis Lancero will be available in a 7 1/2 X 38 format in boxes of 10. The blend consists of a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. The Themis has been extremely successful for the company, with the Themis Toro giving the company their second #1 Cigar of the Year on Developing Palates 2017 Top 25 Cigars, along with placings on 12 other 2017 Top 25 lists across the collective cigar media outlets. MSRP is set at $10.50 per cigar & $105.00 / box of 10. Cigars are available now on and are shipping to retailers on July 1, 2018. Cubariqueño will be located inside the Espinosa Cigar booth this year at the 2018 IPCPR trade show. 

Federal Judge Delays FDA Warning Labels

ipcprlogoEarlier today, D.C. District Court Judge Amit Mehta issued an injunction prohibiting the U.S. Food & Drug Administration from enforcing its warning label requirements on cigars and pipe tobacco. The warning label requirements for packaging and advertising were slated to go into effect on August 10th. Judge Mehta’s order delays any enforcement of the requirement until at least 60 days after the conclusion of an appeal currently underway.  No date has been set for a court to hear the appeal.

Today’s decision is a direct result of the ongoing lawsuit brought by IPCPR, the Cigar Association of America and the Cigar Rights of America. Judge Mehta had previously ruled on this case in May – and did not endorse the Associations’ challenge to the warning labels issue. Following the ruling, IPCPR, CAA and CRA appealed and requested that Judge Mehta prohibit the FDA’s warning label requirements until a decision on the appeal is finalized.  In his order issued today, Judge Mehta agreed, recognizing the suit raises substantial and complex issues about retailers' constitutional rights, and that the FDA was not justified to require warnings before those issues are fully resolved, “In the end, this court believes that Plaintiffs are entitled to a full hearing before an appellate court with the specter of a warnings regime going into effect.”

Scott Pearce, IPCPR Executive Director recognizes this is a positive, if not temporary development for retailers and the broader industry.  “This deadline has been bearing down on our members for some time now.  And while this is a temporary reprieve, it is a welcome development and hopefully a sign that our message is resonating. IPCPR is proud to be a party to this lawsuit, and we’ll continue to work with our great legal team and staff in DC to bring about the optimum regulatory framework for the premium cigar industry.”

For questions on today’s injunction or any issues concerning the FDA’s Deeming Rule – please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SCOTUS Overturns Quill v. North Dakota

June 21 – the United States Supreme Court ruled that states are no longer prohibited from collecting sales taxes from internet retailers. The overturned case, Quill Corp. V. North Dakota, essentially had prevented states from collecting sales tax on e-commerce unless the seller had a physical presence in the state. Today’s ruling makes that approach obsolete. It is important to note the case applies to sales tax only and does not currently impact OTP or other excise taxes.

Today’s decision is widely considered to be a boost to brick-and-mortar retailers across all industries. Scott Pearce, IPCPR Executive Director, is optimistic about the impact of the ruling. “Todays developments help bring equity to the retail space. IPCPR supports any development that supports and benefits our brick and mortar tobacconists.”

Ultimately, it will take some time for the effects of today’s decision to resonate in the marketplace. All states with the exception of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon currently collect a sales tax on in state purchases. After this ruling, IPCPR expects states to begin working on legislative and regulatory solutions to collect sales tax on out-of-state sales. IPCPR looks forward to remaining involved in these ongoing developments at the State and Federal level.

For questions concerning state sales tax and OTP tax issues, please contact Rachel Hyde, IPCPR Senior Director of State Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For any questions concerning today’s ruling and federal tax implications, please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..                       


island lifestyleIsland Lifestyle Importers is introducing two new Tommy Bahama lighters at this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Convention in Las Vegas. 

The “Longboard” is a sleek triple-flame pinpoint torch pocket lighter available in two color combinations: white or blue body on a gunmetal frame.  It has an oversized capacity fuel tank with a large fuel window.  An easy-adjust fuel wheel and pull-down trigger mechanism round out the ergonomic feel and function.  The suggested retail is $59.99.

The “Rocker” is a dual torch flip-top pocket lighter with a fold out cigar punch on the bottom.  It includes a large capacity fuel tank with easy-adjust fuel wheel.  The side squeeze trigger mechanism makes for easy function.  It is being released with a black body on gunmetal frame and a blue body on a gunmetal frame.  The suggested retail is $49.99.

“These are great lighters that offer high value features at a fantastic price-point.  The feel and look are all about the Tommy Bahama lifestyle.  We are really excited about these new additions.” said Ryan Frailing, Vice President of Island Lifestyle Importers. 

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Hiram And Solomon Hires New Sales Manager

hscNew York, NY--Hiram and Solomon Cigars, one of the fastest growing boutique cigars in the country, is excited to announce the hiring of Wayne D. Clarke as General Sales Manager. He will begin work immediately and will be helping grow underdeveloped territories nationwide as well as work with existing reps in their territories.

Wayne comes to Hiram and Solomon Cigars from General Cigar Company, where he worked in the competitive New York City market. “I am happy to be home again,” says Clarke, who helped start the company in its infancy four years ago as their first rep. “I couldn’t be more excited to be joining a great team of reps, as well as coming back to work with Fouad and George to grow the company. I would like to thank the excellent team at General Cigar for having me as a part of their family for the past two years.”

Wayne brings to Hiram and Solomon Cigars a passion for tobacco and will be working closely with Fouad and George on innovation as well as growing the sales force in the months to come. “One of my goals is to show that this cigar, as special as it is, is not just a cigar for the Masonic community, but one that the entire cigar community as a whole can enjoy,” says Clarke.

For more information or questions contact Wayne Clarke, General Sales Manager, at 617-329-9863.


FratnewboxSpringfield, VA (July 3, 2018) – Omar de Frias is proud to announce brand new packaging for the Fratello Bianco and the Fratello line of cigars. With this new packaging Fratello Seeks to better align its footprint across humidors, yet our blends will continue to be the same.

Along with this change the original Fratello line launched in 2013 will receive a new name. “We had envisioned this change a long time ago. When our customers placed their orders, they would always refer to the original blend as the classic. Fratello Classico and Fratello Bianco’s new packaging will be featured at this year’s IPCPR.” Said de Frias.

FDA Labeling Requirements Set For 8/01/18

ipcprlogoAugust 10th marks a major milestone in the implementation of FDA’s Deeming Rule.  On this date, the warning label requirements for cigar and pipe tobacco packaging and advertising go into effect. Below are a few things retailers should know ahead of time. IPCPR plans to release additional briefs on aspects of the warning label requirements over the coming days. These briefs will cover issues including the point-of-sale signage requirements for retailers of individual, unpackaged cigars and retailer obligations for advertising warning statements.

What are the Warning Label requirements for packaging?
Beginning on 8/10/2018, manufacturers of cigars must label product packages with six separate FDA warning statements. On the same date, manufacturers of pipe tobacco must label product packages with a nicotine-addictiveness warning. The labels must make up 30% of the two principal display panels of the package, comply with other formatting requirements, and in the case of cigars be displayed consistent with an FDA-approved warning plan.

Manufacturers have until the end of 9/10/2018 to introduce into domestic commerce any inventory of products in packaging that DOES NOT comply with the new FDA labeling requirements, AS LONG AS they were manufactured prior to 8/10/2018. (In the case of a domestically manufactured product, this could mean removal from the factory before 9/11/2018. In the case of an imported product, this could mean release of the product from customs before 9/11/2018.)

What does this mean for retailers?
On and after 8/10/2018, U.S. distributors and retailers may continue to sell, distribute or import products that do not have compliant warning labels, AS LONG AS the products were manufactured before 8/10/2018.

What happens if the FDA comes to my store? Will the Agency hold me responsible for any package labeling issue?
The labeling responsibility for packaging rests with manufacturers. And there are a series of protections under the Deeming Rule that reinforce this for retailers.

On and after 8/10/2018, retailers WILL NOT BE in violation for selling any packaged cigar or pipe tobacco product without compliant FDA warning labels AS LONG AS:

The retailer can demonstrate or reasonably assert that the product at issue was manufactured prior to 8/10/2018 (and therefore is not subject to the warning requirements); or
The package has some type of “health warning*”;
The retailer obtained the product from an appropriately licensed manufacturer, importer, or distributor; and
The retailer has not altered the product in a way that is material to the new requirements.

*It’s important to note that the regulations do not define what qualifies as a “health warning” for these purposes, but legacy FTC cigar health warnings, California health warnings, or improperly executed FDA warnings could qualify.

How do I “demonstrate or reasonably assert” a product’s manufacture date?
Ultimately, each individual supplier (including manufacturers, importers, and distributors) must determine how best to help assure its retailer customers that they may sell supplied products without FDA-compliant warning labels on or after 8/10/2018. Examples include:

Provide a letter confirming the date on which the manufacturer began complying with the new warning label requirements;
Include documentation confirming the date of manufacture (or the pre-8/10/2018 status) of products in a shipment;
Include production date information on or in packaging; or
Make such information available upon request and presentation of a labeled code.

In addition, IPCPR recommends that, as appropriate, retailers rely on their own records and inventory management practices for these purposes. For example, this could include:

Completing a physical inventory of packaged products on hand before 8/10/2018 (and thereafter as appropriate); and either
Applying a sticker or other marking to help the retailer identify the date of inventory of each package; or
Segregating products manufactured before 8/10/2018 to allow the retailer to identify products not subject to the warning requirements.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding warning labeling requirements, please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pires(Miami, Florida) July, 3, 2018— Villiger Cigars  continues its growth in the North American market as they announce today that Hector J. Pires was promoted to the position of National Sales Manager for Villiger Cigars North America. Hector Pires is being promoted from the position of South Eastern Territory Manager, (now being managed by Villiger new hire Roger Peña). Pires begins his new role immediately.

Hector Pires, born in Caracas, Venezuela received his education in his native country, earning a degree in International Trade. He later found his niche in hospitality as he joined his family’s restaurant group in Caracas. After rising through the ranks, he moved to Miami to open a high-end restaurant serving International cuisine. After successfully running his restaurant for 10 years, Hector decided to sell and move on to follow his passion for tobacco. A handmade premium cigar smoker enthusiast since his early 20’s, Hector has been able to combine his love of tobacco and background in hospitality management, to provide the best service possible to customers.

Rene Castañeda, Villiger North America President said,” Hector has been a great asset to Villiger Cigars over the past year and a half, and has proven that he can be an effective leader for our sales staff.  I look forward to working closely with him as we continue to spread the Villager message to our retailers and consumers.”

The news of Villiger North America naming Hector Pires as national sales manager comes only a week after the announcement of the special limited edition Villiger La Flor De Ynclan in Lancero Especial size, which will be presented at the 2018 IPCPR in Las Vegas this coming July. The Villiger La Flor De Ynclan robusto in 2017 garnered a 93 rating, ranked as the number 10 cigar in the world by Cigar Aficionado Magazine and voted the 2017 number 6 cigar in the world by Tobacco Business Magazine.

Villiger Sons Limited was established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where Villiger remains headquartered to this day. The company manufactures and sells more than 1.5 billion cigars annually, world-wide. Today, under the leadership of Heinrich Villiger, the company prides itself in its commitment to quality, in all their products made in many countries around the globe.

FDA Announces Extension to Tobacco Related ANPRMs


Earlier today, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced extensions to three advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) dockets currently underway. The extension covers the ANPRMs on nicotine reduction, flavors and premium cigars.

This extension provides additional time for industry to present its case to the administration and submit comments to the FDA. IPCPR, along with other industry associations, members of Congress and industry stakeholders submitted extension requests. Our association applauds the FDA’s decision, and attributes it to the continued dialogue IPCPR has forged on Capitol Hill and with the FDA regarding premium cigars and a need to exempt this niche artisanal industry from an ill-suited regulatory framework.

The new ANPRM deadlines are listed below:

The nicotine standard ANPRM comment deadline will now be July 16, 2018;
The flavors ANPRM comment deadline will now be July 19, 2018, and
The premium cigars ANPRM comment deadline will now be July 25, 2018.

For any questions concerning the ANPRM, please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Villiger Cigars to produce a limited run of 500 boxes yearly of the Villiger Flor De Ynclan Lancero Especial

(Miami, Florida) June 26, 2018— Villiger Cigars announces that the Villiger La Flor De Ynclan will be presented in a special edition Lancero Especial size, at the 2018 IPCPR in Las Vegas this coming July. The Villiger La Flor De Ynclan robusto in 2017 garnered a 93 rating, ranked as the number 10 cigar in the world by Cigar Aficionado Magazine and voted the 2017 number 6 cigar in the world by Tobacco Business Magazine.

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New Margaritaville and LandShark Cigarware


MV1(Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 1, 2018) – The Lotus Group and Vertigo by Lotus, in partnership with Lifestyle Brands, LLC, will make a splash at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association convention with a new line of co-branded Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware. As the exclusive global licensee for Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware, the company will debut pocket, table, waterproof and extendable lighters, cigar cutters and ashtrays that include lyrics from songs by singer, songwriter and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett.  

“Our team is honored and excited to partner with Lifestyle Brands, LLC to create products for a laid-back lifestyle,” said Rosemary Sharp, president of Lotus Group. “We’ve taken some popular phrases our customers associate with Margaritaville, such as ‘Fins Up!’, ‘It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere’, ‘No Working During Drinking Hours’ and ‘Work like a Captain, Play like a Pirate’, and incorporated them into our cigarware, creating a unique and fun-filled product experience.” 

mv2Margaritaville, the global lifestyle brand synonymous with fun and escapism, is comprised of restaurants, resorts, casinos, vacation ownership properties, consumer products, retail shops, a national radio station on SiriusXM® and more.

Available at most retail liquor stores, LandShark Lager is a refreshing, island-style lager from the Margaritaville Brewing Company.  Like Margaritaville, LandShark Lager – which made its debut in 2007 – is all about island living, good times, good friends, good food, and a great party. 

Margaritaville and LandShark cigarware is shipping now and available at many tobacconist shops across the United States.

For more information, please contact The Lotus Group/Integral, LLC., the exclusive worldwide licensee for Margaritaville and LandShark Cigarware, 6501 Nob Hill Road, Suite B, Tamarac, FL 33321, Phone: 954-746-9026, Fax: 954-746-9206, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

mv3About Margaritaville
Margaritaville is a global lifestyle brand inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of singer, songwriter and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett, whose songs evoke a passion for tropical escape and relaxation.
Margaritaville features 12 lodging locations with more than 20 additional projects in the pipeline, four gaming properties and over 60 food and beverage venues including signature concepts such as Margaritaville Restaurant, award-winning JWB Prime Steak and Seafood, 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill and LandShark Bar & Grill. More than 20 million travelers every year change their latitude and attitude with a visit to a Margaritaville resort, residential real estate destination, vacation club, vacation home rental or restaurant.
Consumers can also escape everyday through a collection of Margaritaville lifestyle products including apparel, footwear, frozen concoction makers, home décor and more. Additionally, the brand’s food, beverage and spirits lines – including Margaritaville tequilas, rums, LandShark Lager and a new bestselling cookbook – deliver authentic, tropical escapism to fans around the world. Margaritaville, a state of mind since 1977.

Samantha Jacobs or Kayla Louttit
Hemsworth Communications (for Margaritaville)
954-716-7614 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



June 30, 2017 (Miami, FL) — While it’s release has admittedly been a long time coming,

the much anticipated Crux Epicure is ready for launch – and with an additional size, a 5.375 x 46 Corona Gorda.

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Congress Asks FDA For Comment Period Extension

ipcprlogoLast week, Congressman Bill Posey along with 32 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter urging the federal government to extend the premium cigar ANPRM comment period. The comment period is currently slated to close on June 25th, and is the third of three tobacco and nicotine focused ANPRM’s released by the FDA. The letter also asks for a simultaneous delay to the looming August 10th, 2018 labeling deadline for packages and advertising.  IPCPR, along with other associations representing the premium cigar industry have previously filed comments directly with the FDA requesting an extension of the ANPRM comment period. The association applauds the 33 Members of Congress for their continued support on behalf of the industry.
Addressed to Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the letter once again highlights the deep-seeded concern within Congress over FDA regulations of premium cigar products.
“As members of the U.S. Congress representing all sectors of the hand-rolled premium cigar industry, we remain concerned that the FDA’s regulatory overreach on this issue, which is contrary to Congress’ intent under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA), will continue to impose greater economic burdens on the manufacturers and retailers of premium cigars.”
The letter rightly points out that the time and resources needed to respond to the breadth and technical detail of data requested by the FDA exceeds the allotted.
Specifically, it states the FDA “seeks an all-encompassing, comprehensive response that seeks data, research results, and other information relating to premium cigars, in three separate categories.  The current 90-day public comment period is insufficient to garner the kind of “all-encompassing, comprehensive response[s]”
According to Scott Pearce, IPCPR Executive Director, Congressman Posey’s letter is indicative of the value retailers around the country hold on Capitol Hill. “It’s heartening to know that because our IPCPR members have been such a vocal constituency to representatives in Congress, those representatives truly understand our issues and are now a vocal constituency to the Administration,” said Pearce.  “IPCPR is excited about once again proving our case against poorly designed and harmful regulations through the ANPRM process. Our association sincerely thanks the letter signatories for their support and effort to make sure we have the time necessary to respond.”
For questions concerning the letter to the OMB or any issues regarding FDA regulations, please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar Event

oneoff1The host of the official launch for "One off" will be the 2X winner of the Best Cigar & Whiskey Bar / Shop in Miami by the Miami New Times Readers, Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar. Event takes place on Wednesday, June 27th @ 7pm.

1106 S. Miami Avenue #202 Brickell Miami, FL 33130

Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar will be one of 500 retail locations across the nation selling the highly anticipated (back on the market) "One Off" by Illusione.

Production details are not that easy to come by, but all we can say is it is being handled at Aganorsa Leaf's Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. factory in Estelí, Nicaragua and that ONLY 120,000 One Off's have been rolled out to the market.

We are personally inviting you to attend and/or share with your readers to invite them and experience the sophisticated ambiance of South Florida's cigar smokers favorite hideaway, Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar, and meet and greet the Illusione Family.

oneoff2Formal introduction will be celebrated at the July 2018 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Kindly find attached the invitation for the One Off Launch Party and images of Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar!

Screwpop® Tool to offer redesigned of cigar cutter "Chopo™"

Chopo 3 editedThe latest in compact and highly functional tools, Screwpop® introduces - Chopo™ Cigar Cutter, a reengineered force in cigar cutting technology.

Chopo™ is the successor of the original Screwpop® Cigar Cutter with a few major improvements. First, the Eyelet has been generously enlarged that puts the pivot motion closer to the cutting circle. Second, two ultra-thin washers have been added (one each side) to further minimize blade separation and to additionally prevent less wear on the Eyelet mechanism.

A few other key improvements are in the materials and methods of fabrication.

Chopo™ is made from high quality ultra flat 420 J2 (Japanese) stainless steel. Additionally, CNC manufacturing aids in helping with a few finishing touches that ensures the cutter fully closes and is virtually perfectly flat, in light of the 90 degree bends that dub as both finger and thumb grips.

Like it's predessesor, Chopo™ includes a well-placed bottle opener for those who enjoy pairing a fine cigar with micro-brews.

Chopo™ is available for pre-order on Screwpop's website: It will also be available on, soon to follow.

Blades — 420 J2 sharpened stainless steel
Eyelet — Yellow Brass
Weight — 2oz
Size — 1/8 inch x 1.5 inch x 3 inch
Price — $24.95
Release Date — June 15, 2018
Intellectual Property Status — patented USPTO (design patent)

Sin Compromiso Debuts

dunbartonlogoDunbarton, NH Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (DTT) is debuting it’s much awaited Sin Compromiso series of ultra- premium handmade cigars at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers 86th Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV, on July 13th, 2018.

Sin Compromiso is the result of over three years of experimental black tobacco harvests in Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua and the culmination of my experiences as a cigar blender, states the founder and Master Ligador, Steve Saka. The marquee’s name translates to no compromise and that is the exact approach I took when creating this cigar. This blend is a direct reflection of all the skills I have learned and developed over the last twenty plus years and I am genuinely excited to share it with my fellow cigar smokers.”

To which he adds, “Sin Compromiso is a truly unique, complex cigar that is simultaneously smooth, yet strong. It delivers a captivating and entrancing smoke for the experienced palate with flavors that are constantly swirling and changing from puff to puff. At its core is an inherent sweetness paired with a savory spiciness, but hidden within its layers are notes of cocao, espresso, loam and even a hint of smoky chicory root. I spent over three

years meticulously crafting and tweaking this blend and I can say without reservation it is personally my very best liga ever bar none. I have never experienced such an intriguing and satisfying smoke.

Initially offered in 5 sizes: Selección No. 2 Torpedo (6x52), Selección No. 5 Parejo (6x54), Selección No. 7 Parejo

(7x56), Selección “Intrépido (5.63 x 46) and the Selección Espada Estoque (7x44). The MSRP will range from

$15.95 to $18.45 USD per puro.

Each cigar is gently soft pressed, sleeved in Spanish Cedar and packed in beautifully crafted 13-ct matte lacquered boxes. Available at only our very best Select Purveyors and very limited in supply.

The anticipated ship date to those Select Purveyors who pre-order is late August 2018. About Steve Saka

Regarded as a cigar expert throughout the industry, he is credited as being an experienced cigar blender and

maker, a prolific author regarding cigars and black tobaccos, a forefather within the online media segment and a dynamic tobacco industry executive. In 2000, he worked directly for Lew Rothman, the former owner of JR Cigar, as an executive consultant for four years and he subsequently served as the President, then CEO of Drew Estate from 2005 through 2013. In 2015, he established the family held Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust to craft and distribute traditional handmade puros. For more information, please visit:

®Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and Sin Compromiso are registered trademarks of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and/or affiliated companies.


Cigars International joins Southern Draw Cigars to IGNITE some good

ignite3Southern Draw Cigars is proud to announce the third installment of the IGNITE some good charitable campaign as it partners with Cigars International to release 1,000 custom IGNITE humi-jars. Going back to its roots, the original two cigar blends from Southern Draw Cigars, Kudzu and Firethorn now have a fresh new size to be enjoyed. A 5x58 round format perfecto.

Austin, Texas - “We are pleased to release an exclusive new size in both of our original blends, the rich medium to full bodied Kudzu – Oscuro and the clean burning medium+ flavor of the Firethorn – Rosado as we celebrate the IGNITE project together with Cigars International,’ said Southern Draw Cigars Founder, Robert Holt. “While there are no significant changes to the original blends, the new perfectos are likely to excite the palates of those new to our brand that most likely have been smoking the 2017 releases, Jacobs Ladder and Rose of Sharon blends and the loyal consumers who have smoked these flavorful and award winning blends since 2014.”
The 5x58 perfectos will each have the custom IGNITE cigar bands and will be officially released by Cigars International on June 15th with details to be announced but CI Mega Store, Hamburg customers can get a sneak peek of these new cigars starting at 6pm on June 5, 2018 as Robert Holt joins the CI staff for an IGNITE some good social.

ignite4“Cigars International is incredibly excited to team up with Southern Draw Cigars on these two new, exciting, and delicious projects for CI Nation. Any opportunity we receive to help out our troops is one we’ll jump on without any hesitation, so when Robert Holt approached us with his idea for Ignite, we knew we wanted to be a part of it immediately,” added Jeffrey Kocher, Chief Merchant.

Each cigar is handmade at AJ Fernandez Cigar Co. in Nicaragua using patiently aged and naturally fermented tobaccos.

IGNITE: Release #3
Size: 5 x 58 Perfecto (round format)
MSRP: $99.99 per jar (10 count)
250 jars (black) Kudzu
250 jars (white) Kudzu
250 jars (black) Firethorn
250 jars (white) Firethorn
Cigars International and Southern Draw Cigars will donate a total of $7.50 per jar to Operation Cigars for Warriors. for early purchasing.

Please direct all questions, comments and requests about IGNITE or to inquire about our future sponsorship opportunities for retail partners to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For general information about Southern Draw Cigars, a list of retail partners and reviews, please visit us at

Soli Deo Gloria!

Todos Las Dias Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” at 2018 IPCPR

dunbartonlogoDunbarton, NH – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) will be showcasing a single vitola line extension to it’s full- bodied Todos Las Dias (TLD) brand that is even bolder. It will be made available at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers 86th Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV, on July 13th, 2018.

The TLD Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” is a 6.00 x 46 parejo with a pig tail finished head and packed in 10ct boxes with a red “Mas Fuerte” label applied. The MSRP is $11.95 per cigar and $119.50 per box.

Steve Saka, the founder and master ligador of DTT, shared, “The Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” is the result of some confusion between myself and the factory. When originally blending the TLD liga there were two finished core blends comprised of the same tobaccos, but with different proportions. Ultimately, I selected the one I felt worked best in the original formats to be released and relegated the other to my blending diary. When it came time to add the Thick Lonsdale to the line, I inadvertently gave them the recipe for the stronger iteration. In their defense, the factory asked me to verify the blend twice, but I managed to still muck it up and authorized them to produce 200 boxes as instructed. I didn’t actually realize my mistake until I was smoking the post production cigars for quality control purposes. Right away I knew something was askew.”

“My initial reaction was to destroy the cigars, but as I continued to smoked them I came to realize that this variation of the liga was perfect for this unique 6x46 format. So in the end, I decided my mistake was a blessing and have opted to add this tweaked vitola to the lineup for our connoisseur customers to enjoy.”

The anticipated ship date to those Select Purveyors who order at this year’s tradeshow is August 2017.

About Steve Saka
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Diesel Launches Whiskey Row in Partnership with Rabbit Hole Bourbon

Diesel Whiskey Row Close UpDiesel presents Whiskey Row, a collection blended by AJ Fernandez and developed in partnership with Rabbit Hole Bourbon, a maverick new distillery making its mark on the bourbon category. Whiskey Row features binder leaves aged in bourbon barrels, in a proprietary process developed by AJ to enhance the profile of the cigar.

Diesel Senior Brand Manager Justin Andrews said, “The partnership between Diesel and Rabbit Hole speaks of going against the grain in traditional industries. Rabbit Hole doesn’t claim to use 12 year old juice or have a 6th generation master distiller, much like Diesel doesn’t claim to be an old Cuban brand or have tobaccos that have been aged for 20 years. Both Rabbit Hole and Diesel are young, energetic brands with a unique go-to-market strategy. We knew the first time both companies sat down, there was a tremendous amount of synergy.”

Kaveh Zamanian, founder and whiskey maker of Rabbit Hole Bourbon said, “Together, cigars and great whiskey have created uncountable moments of quiet joy. Aging fine tobacco in bourbon barrels which were used to age Rabbit Hole Bourbon modernizes that great tradition. We’re excited that our partnership with Diesel gives us a hand in adding depth to what is already a profoundly enjoyable experience.”

The synergy between both brands was brought to life in 2016 when Rabbit Hole Bourbon barrels arrived at Tabalacera AJ Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua. AJ placed the Mexican San Andres binder in the bourbon barrels in a special configuration. The tobacco was left to rest inside the barrels, and the amount of air inside was controlled at regular intervals to ensure the bourbon flavors were imparted evenly.

AJ Fernandez says, “A lot of passion went into this process and I am very pleased with the results. Aging the binder leaf in the bourbon barrels added an unexpected layer of flavor and aroma right beneath the wrapper. When you smoke Whiskey Row, you get a unique and complex experience that engages the senses unlike any other cigar I’ve smoked.”

Diesel Whiskey Row features a three-region blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos from Ometepe, Condega and Jalapa, each aged 5 to 8 years, and enveloped in the bourbon-barrel-aged Mexican binder. The entire blend is wrapped in Ecuadoran Habano which is aged for five years.

The spice and full flavor of the Nicaraguan tobacco, with the aroma, flavor and slight sweetness of the wrapper/binder combo delivers oaky flavor notes and hints of bourbon in the aroma. Diesel Whiskey Row is a very versatile, medium-bodied smoke that plays well with bourbon and other complementary flavors.

Diesel Whiskey Row will launch in June with four sizes, each presented in 25-count boxes.
Robusto 5.5 x 52 – SRP per cigar is $7.49
Toro 6 x 54 – SRP per cigar is $7.99
Churchill 7 x 49 – SRP per cigar is $8.49
Gigante 6 x 60 – SRP per cigar is $8.99

Beginning in July, Diesel Whiskey Row events featuring pairings with Rabbit Hole Bourbon will be held at select cigar shops across the U.S. For more information, visit

About Diesel
Handcrafted by artisans in Esteli, Nicaragua, Diesel cigars are “bold by design.” The brand challenges the current conventions of the handmade cigar category through the bold, unapologetic style of its Cigar Master, AJ Fernandez. Diesel cigars are unified by their deeply complex flavor which is achieved through AJ’s steadfast adherence to time honored cigar making techniques. Whiskey Row is the second brand in the Diesel portfolio, joining Diesel Grind which debuted in 2017.

About Rabbit Hole
Diversifying the spirits landscape with a modern approach to whiskey is Kentucky-based Rabbit Hole. Born in 2012 by Founder & Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian in the heart of Louisville’s urban bourbon trail, Rabbit Hole unifies heritage techniques with innovative mash bills, creating unique expressions of American whiskey redefining native Bourbon language. With four signature bottles - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks – Fingerprint Edition and London Dry Gin-Kentucky Rye Barrel Finished – Fingerprint Edition – Rabbit Hole turns the whiskey world on its tale, inviting imbibers to take a sip and dive down the rabbit hole, where “there’s no going back™.” Visit