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Southern Draw Firethorn Robusto

Southern Draw Firethorn Robusto 1Size: 5.5 inches x 54 ring gauge

Every now and then, curiosity gets the better of me. I stumbled across Southern Draw Cigars somewhere on the internet, and was immediately intrigued. I'd never heard a word of hype, or really anything at all, about the company or its cigars. So, I investigated.

Southern Draw Cigars was started a little over a year ago in Austin, Texas by a group of cigar-loving U.S. Veterans. According to the website, the name Southern Draw is emblematic of the quintessential Southern gentleman, everything he represents, and a cigar that always has a perfect draw. The cigars are made by A.J. Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua.

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Cigar Weekly 2015 Blind Review #2

Kings Cigars King of Kings Broadleaf Robusto

CW 2015 Blind Review No. 2 - 1Compiled by Doug McGuire (Mad Dawg)

This is the second Kings Cigars cigar to be evaluated by our tasting panel.

Kings Cigars is a new arrival on the international cigar scene. From early discussions in a bar in Santiago, Dominican Republic, a business model was formed and a new company begun with the intent "…to create flawless cigars using the finest aged binder and filler tobacco, complimented with the ultimate wrapper to attain KINGS perfection."

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Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino by Drew Estate

Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino 1

Size: 6 inches by 52 ring gauge

There are numerous cigar brands in the world. Some, you'll find everywhere. Some are only available in a handful of shops. There are mass-produced labels that everyone knows, and then there are the boutique brands that can be nearly impossible to find. A few cigar makers ‘live’ in both neighborhoods.


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La Aroma de Cuba El Jefe

La Aroma de Cuba El Jefe 1

Size: 7 inches x 58 ring gauge

Every so often, I like to revisit a cigar that’s been around for awhile. What the heck. Some of you may not have run across it. Even a cigar like the La Aroma de Cuba El Jefe, which is in most tobacconists’ shops, may have eluded a few cigar enthusiasts. I’m not sure exactly when this cigar hit the market. However, the one that I will be reviewing here has been in my humidor since December, 2012. Yes, I know the El Jefe has been written up almost too many times to count. But do you remember all of those reviews? No? Well, here’s mine.

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Toraño Dominican Selection Gordo

IMG 20150126 161404 139

Size: 6 inches x 60 ring gauge

The Toraño Family Cigars factory may be better known for the cigars it makes for other labels than for its own lines. CAO, Dunhill, Gurkha and many more have had their cigars produced in the Toraño factories in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Only in the last decade has the Toraño name itself become well known.

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Señorial Cigars Belicoso No. 2 by José Blanco

Señorial Belicoso No. 2

Size Reviewed: 6 1/4 inches x 52 ring gauge

It was with great fascination (and, I admit, a little trepidation) that I approached this latest cigar review. Señorial Cigars is a new brand for me, despite the fact that the man behind the brand, José Blanco, has been heavily involved with two other brands I am very familiar with – Joya de Nicaragua and La Aurora.

My experiences with Joya de Nicaragua have certainly changed over the years as my palate has evolved. And Señorial, like Joya de Nicaragua, is not a cigar I feel should be recommended for a novice to the cigar hobby. I always try to read the manufacturer's marketing and sales information on a cigar before trying it. This cigar is described as "a full-bodied and truly full-flavored cigar" for good reason. Because it is! This is definitely a cigar targeted at the seasoned cigar smoker.

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Diesel Unlimited D.5

Diesel Unlimited D.5

Size: 5.5 inches x 54 ring gauge

In 1975, the legendary rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd released their third album, called Nuthin' Fancy. It was (and remains) an appropriate title. When compared to the band's other releases, this album was, frankly, not outstanding. The record contained eight cuts, of which only one, Saturday Night Special, remains memorable. However, for diehard fans of southern rock and boogie, it was still pretty special. I write all of this to help me characterize the Diesel Unlimited D.5. It is a good cigar (I am not overly criticizing it), but will certainly not make anyone's Top Ten list. In short, it is nuthin' fancy.

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Room 101 Limited Namakubi Monstro

Namakubi Monstro 1

Size: 5 inches x 60 ring gauge

What's in a name? What does the name on your cigar mean? What image does it evoke? The various cigar brands and themed names for assorted blends and sizes are often arbitrary, and sometimes comical. Take, for instance, Room 101 Limited's Namakubi line.

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Punch Sucker Punch King Hit

Punch Sucker Punch King Hit

Size: 6 inches x 54 ring gauge

I've often been asked, "Why are your reviews so short?" The answer is simple. Any idea should be expressed plainly, and in as few words as possible. This isn't Penthouse Forum, and I don't see any reason for over analyzed purple prose. I'm not being paid by the word. Actually, I'm not paid at all. So I'll leave those wordy critiques for the true masters, and take care of the short, quick reviews. Today, I'm reviewing one of the cigars from Punch's new Sucker Punch line, the King Hit.

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Cigar Weekly 2015 Blind Review #1

Kings Cigars Kings Arapiraca Corona

Kings Arapiraca 2Compiled by Doug McGuire (Mad Dawg)

This review marks the return of a tradition that stretches back several years. The purpose of the Cigar Weekly Blind Review series is to provide unbiased feedback to cigar manufacturers concerning their products. 

Kings Cigars is a new arrival on the international cigar scene. From early discussions in a bar in Santiago in the Dominican Republic, a business model was formed, and a new company begun with the intent “to create flawless cigars using the finest aged binder and filler tobacco, complimented with the ultimate wrapper to attain KINGS perfection.” 

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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Epicure Champagne

Perdomo 10th

I've been smoking cigars for quite some time. That said, I have not smoked a ton of Perdomos. From my limited experience with the Lot 23s, I'm aware the brand is known for great construction and consistency. Therefore, I'm quite excited by the opportunity to review the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Epicure Champagne.

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